Friday, September 13, 2019


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I have started to play Warcraft again.
My twitch page has several recent videos and i have been live streaming every night for about an hour, or sometimes longer, each night.

I will be doing up some info-graphics for this game like I did for SWTOR and Minecraft.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Minecraft Creature: Zombies

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I will be producing infographics based on my favorite games.
This first one is, obviously, from Minecraft.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


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When I quit playing World of Warcraft in early 20111, I swore I would never play a monthly subscription based game again.
Then in late 2011, I decided to give Star Wars: The Old Republic a try. There was a free trial of the game, I think for ten days or two weeks, 
This was a little while before SWToR went free to play.

I was doomed. 
I went out that same day and got the full game and a subscription card.
I had a light-saber for crying out loud.And then they gave my a Darth maul styled double saber..
My vow was broken. I was a sub again, and I subbed this game for three years.
Life events took over, things changed and happened, the game took a back seat to other priorities.

Here we are many many years later, seven years or thereabouts and im still playing. 
I have not subbed for all those years and there were some long gaps where i didn't even play, as in a year long or longer gap.

I have recently started playing again more often, more consistently, and streaming this game to my Twitch account.

I only have two max level characters, play time was hard to get at some times and I really get bored doing the same quests and missions and flash points and who knows what else over and over and over again.

Lately, I have been working on getting my command level up and trying to get the new high level gear, Been doing daily and weekly war zones mostly as that is what I like to do instead of flash points and such. Not very good at the whole PvP aspect of this game, or PvP in WoW either, but I am determined and persistent and i will get the gear eventually.

One of the good things about this game is that there is always something to do or some goal to work towards. im currently trying to gear up
as i mentioned above, however there are reputations that you can level up, then there are the guild conquest points you could work on. and you
could work on decorating your stronghold. Oh, and of course, there are the story quests you can do if your not done with them. You could play everyday and practically work on something different each day.

In short, this is one of my all time favorite games and i have invested a lot of game hours playing.

Monday, August 26, 2019


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I've been playing a lot of Minecraft lately on the new to me PC, because it can it play it decently. And i can stream the java edition.
I do have both the Windows Ten or Bedrock edition and the old java edittion. My biggest issue i have with Bedrock is that i can't stream it.  It has something to do with the UWP and the way Microsoft has the game setup. That is what i read online anyway.

The two versions are very similar and yet very different at the same time. The java edition doesn't have a peaceful survival mode. I've never really liked survival mode and having to eat and worry about monsters. I just wanted to mine and build. The creative on java is too easy. Now Bedrock or Windows Ten does have my peaceful in survival mode like it does on the PS4, which i have played for two years off and on.

You have to buy any skins and other add ons in Bedrock where as, from my understanding, you can do mods in java and code your own add ons. I know its a big difference from free mods to having to buy skins however they are inexpensive in Bedrock.

Each version has its pluses and minuses and both are good entertainment options. I will be playing both for a while.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Merely a Funds Sink?

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Item Durability

The two games I have played that had some sort of mechanism for item durability are World of Warcraft (WoW) and Star Wars The Old Republic (SWToR).

WoW has its Spirit Healer and your equipped gear suffers a durability hit if you use that healer when you die, or you can go retrieve your body and get back onto action. If you use the healer, everything you had on you will have to be repaired at some point, more than likely very soon. This will cost you gold and or silver depending on how badly damaged all your gear is.

In SWToR there is a medical shuttle that comes to rescue you and heal you, or revive you. How this really happens is left kind of vague however, bacta tanks can do some major miracles. And again your gear takes durability damage and again there is a cost in credits to fix everything equipped.

In both games, at certain times, the cost to repair everything was an expense i could not afford. Especially at lower levels. I had to go out and grind lower level creatures to get enough funds to do the repairs. Questing or missions were put off for a while.

Some players hate any sort of item durability. It adds too much realism to the game, not so entertaining. Others say if this is done right its not too much of problem. And finally some say there isn't anything you can do about it if this is in the game so learn to work with this mechanism and play on..or play a different game entirely.

In my experience, this has been a burden and a funds sink. At higher levels, the cost was easier to bear however it would cost a lot more to repair everything. In WoW, I can recall paying almost 500 gold to do repairs. Some times I could only repair a few items and asked the powers that be for help until the rest could be fixed.

What do you all think about this? 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Why I dont play Fornite

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These are my thoughts and opinions.
It might be the most popular game in the world right now, however it does not appeal to me in the slightest. I've watched videos of people playing it and I have watched friends and others play it live. How the game works is not for me.
It strongly favors veterans over new players. And the fact that there is no tiered system to keep the vets from utterly destroying newbs is not good.

I tried it for a few hours. Got one shoted a few times. Had my base completely blown to bits by an RPG or something similar.
The loot system seems to be utterly and completely random, almost pure luck. Even going to the same location you never know what your going to get. Your favorite treasure chest could be full of Grays or have that one Orange legendary you've been looking for.

Im a gamer with a job, a family, responsibilities. Some others are not so blessed (or cursed I guess..) with these things and they can devote hours upon hours to master the game. This sort of goes back to a tiered system.

I don't see what the point is in leveling up. Everything seems to be cosmetic to me, I know the weapons and tools can be upgraded and such but you don't seem to grow in power. You don't get any new or different powers, or abilities.

I think that maybe its too different from World of Warcraft or SWToR for me. I'm for a more tangible upgrade or leveling system.

This game and others of its kind are not how I want to spend my game time or my money.